Trade Union of Commercial Employees (KASZ) has been protecting and representing interests of workers for more than a century. Many workers have recognized the necessity of solidarity, collaboration and togetherness. That recognition as well as accumulated experience and knowledge, the work of determined officers greatly contributed to the Trade Union of Commercial Employees to functionate as a strong, modern, dynamic union.

Our Union is represented in the commercial sector. It maintains relation continuously with commercial companies, associations of cooperatives and mutual saving cooperations, heads of employers, nationally and on workplaces.

KASZ represents its members (and by the achieved results also the interests of the whole community) consequently and persistently all of case. Our experience shows that conflicts of interests between employees and employers can be solved by negotiations.

We hope that we can represent our members as a strong and unified union also in the future with growing services, the knowledge and experience we have and with our extensive relationships. Moreover we hope we can reach everything which help commercial workers in order to receive fair treatment at their workplace and salary which is appropriate to their qualification. We do that because we think that the workforce who contribute – with hard work day after day – to customers’ welfare have to get basic subsistence goods, have to get honor and have to help them enforce their interests.

Basic/Main objectives

  • Security of employment
  • Keep workplaces
  • Obeying the law and rules of employment and free right of organisation
  • Fight for subsistence wages
  • Make collective agreements for both the sector and workplace
  • Decrease vulnerability of workers
  • Achieve and protect social allowances
  • Create good employment mood and achieve human treatment for workers
  • We help to our young and pensioner members, and also the ones who bring up their children

These objectives can be realized only with our members’ help and active contribution!

What can we do for our members?

  • Legally supported possibility to interfere in life of workplace
  • Professionally and legally established protection of interests
  • Collective security which based on collaboration and solidarity of members
  • Assistance to make collective agreement which regulates possibilities of employee legal practice, social and labour safety conditions, fair conditions and methods of recompensation of work
  • Free of charge labour law representation and protection
  • Accident insurance
  • Reduced-price services


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